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Comments on "Lloyds South West Area Manager asked for an urgent meeting to discuss planned Ottery branch closure"

1. At 04:58 pm on 26th Apr Malcolm Lee wrote:

Good luck with this Claire. It is outrageous that the last bank in town can desert their elderly customers who do not have a computer and cannot therefore do on line banking…and who would trust banks with on line banking after the recent TSB debacle? To up and go without consideration of the local community and its leaders just shows how contemptible the banking world is. Surely if they were interested in the community then it should be possible to have an Ottery banking hall where all the major banks could share the same facilities and cover counter services. I have had similar issues with NatWest in Sidmouth and my mother’s account there. I was considering moving her account to Lloyds in Sidmouth but not after this.

2. At 05:38 pm on 26th Apr Jayne Cann wrote:

My 88 year old mother along with my disabled sister both bank at lloyds and visit the branch weekly. My mother only uses cash she will not use a cash point. They both rely on me for transport, my sister walks with a frame so public transport is not an option for them. To lose the only bank in the town is ridiculous. To say online banking has ruined custom and anyone can do it have not met my family. It will just be another job for me to fit in. I happily help them in anything they need, but promoting independence for them is a priority, with Ottery growing surely a bank is a valuable resource for the community.

3. At 04:49 am on 27th Apr Paul F wrote:

Ultimately this is our Government’s fault for not protecting local communities by forcing banks to share their infrastructure.

4. At 09:29 am on 28th Apr Chris Burhop wrote:

If this was a pub or a shop we could apply to classify it as a community asset. It is of similar importance to towns of 10k people. I think the business secretary should be writing to Lloyds to urge them to reconsider, when their branch is the last bank in the town. In fact it should be protected by statute.
In the meantime I like the “shared bank hall” idea as a direct suggestion to Lloyds.

5. At 10:49 am on 28th Apr Fran Beer wrote:

Shutting the bank is an outrage sadly affecting the most frail and vaunrable.  These are often the people who have had the same account with the same bank for all their lives. In many cases lloyds will have benefited from the other banks in Otteryour closing as many of the elderly, infirm and vaunrable people have moved their accounts to lloyds due to it remaining in the town.  The bank I have noted can be incredibly busy.  The closure of the bank demonstrates complete disregard for a large population of loyal, elderly, infirm customers.  I am appalled by this if the town cannot provide such a basic service as a local bank why do we think building on this once small town is acceptable?.