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Comments on "NHS Property Services will be invited to next Devon County Council health scrutiny meeting ..."

1. At 07:59 am on 25th Nov Dot Taylor wrote:

My previous attendance and involvement with the Scrutiny Committee when campaigning to save St John’s Court left me feeling despondent,  I, therefore, have no confidence in their ability to be impartial and look after the future of our health service.  At the end of the day it is up to us to Campaign.

2. At 03:02 pm on 25th Nov Di Fuller wrote:

I am afraid that this illustrates once again most Councillors lack of understanding about the seriousness of this issue. While the CCG probably do wish to keep the community hospitals working for local clinics and services, they may be forced to close them because they are too expensive to rent now that the buildings belong to NHS PS. Equally frustrating is that the CCG does not have a Local Estates Strategy - a plan required by NHSE by end of 2015. Could it be that this is because they still don’t know what the costs will be, or is it because of their negligence? Whatever the reason, it means that RD&E cannot plan their provision because they also don’t know what their costs will be to deliver clinics and other services in the community. Result is continued barriers to planning and anxiety in communities about the future of their assets.

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