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Comments on "No more community hospital bed closures, recommends Devon Health Scrutiny report"

1. At 10:24 am on 20th Nov Valerie Cozens wrote:

I followed the campaigns against the local hospital bed closures and remember the fiasco of the CCG. “Consultations”. And their promises that the beds would not be closed until all the necessary care in the community was in place!  We knew then what the outcome would be.  Thank you Claire for all your hard work and persistence

2. At 04:38 pm on 20th Nov Sandra Semple wrote:

I would like to hear a statement from Sarah Randall-Johnson on what her personal position is on hospital closures since it seems that where she leads her Conservative councillors on the Health and Wellbeing automatically follow like sheep.  Surely her constituents in her county council seat should be asking her this question.