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Comments on "Over 100 Devon foster carers set to lose money under new plans by Devon County Council"

1. At 03:05 pm on 13th Sep Foster carer wrote:

Please note, any gains in funding for current carers are short term only, as once the foster child becomes 11 years old the overall allowance will be down compared with the old scheme. Our 9 year old appears to gain now, but once she gets to 18 yeats old she will have lost £ 17,000 compared with the old scheme. Don’t be fooled by the flawed statistics.

2. At 03:20 pm on 13th Sep Dawn scirah wrote:

We forget that 24/7 looking after an assortment of needy individuals . Individuals who Without the dependable Fostercarer who is willing to fight for their rights and their needs , meeting ever appointment , contact arrangement and giving them as near to normal life as deserved but all children . Supporting them to adulthood and even when they move on there to welcome them as family . With out foster carers these children would be lost to sociaty , left to exsist many become pray to the grooming of the sick low life on the streets

3. At 03:38 pm on 13th Sep Foster Carer wrote:

This is just a “Rob Peter, to pay Paul” exercise. Contrary to what the Council are saying, it is a cost cutting exercise. It has been reported recently, in the National Press, how Children`s Services are being cut dramatically, up and down the land, because of affordability issues. It would have been more honest, if DCC had admitted this, rather than claiming the changes are all about being “fair” to certain Carers, which it most certainly is not.

4. At 11:47 am on 15th Sep Leigh Strange wrote:

There is NOTHING fair about taking anything from one group of people to boost the allowances of others.  Carers commit everything they have to this role yet more and more they are being expected to supplement the cost of looking after the Local Authority’s children.  A ‘fair’ review would not have resulted in the Chief Officers’ report for Scrutiny Committee being received BEFORE the consultation events had even finished.  Devon County Council committed part of its budget many years ago to recruit a number of specific carers for a specific role.  They offered them a ‘professional salary’ in recognition of the fact they were required to give up their own paid employment.  Many made the leap to trust in the integrity of the Local Authority and are now very much regretting having that level of faith.  If Devon reduces the allowances of one carer this year, how can any other carer in the future be confident it won’t be their allowance next?