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Comments on "Petition to urge the government to revoke Article 50"

1. At 12:08 am on 23th Mar Joan Kelly wrote:

Many signatures on this petition are fake stemming from Afghanistan and Pakistan. I wish the Remoaners would stop acting like spoilt children. The country voted LEAVE and that should be the case. We don’t need the blood sucking parasites in the EU dictating to us. May should go as her Husband has business interests in the EU so no wonder she doesn’t want to leave. This is a slap in the face for democracy and the number of people saying they will never vote again is growing by the day.Politicians are only there to bleed the gravy train not work on behalf of the people. They are all a disgrace.

2. At 10:04 am on 07th Apr Chris Wakefield wrote:

I should have noticed this before but it can’t be allowed to go unanswered even at this late stage. To claim, as Joan does, presumably with a straight face, that ‘Many signatures on this petition are fake stemming from Afghanistan and Pakistan’ is demonstrably ludicrous. The data about the sources of the votes are published on the page that lists the total count, and along with anyone else curious about the detail,  Joan could have looked at the data and discovered that the number of votes from Afghanistan was 22, and from Pakistan 78, which together make up 0.0016% of the total. All the votes from non UK sources (254299), the bulk of them from the expat concentrations in France, Germany and Spain, amount to just 4.2% of the total.

Nigel Farage’s response to the petition was that it’s the Russians at it again - equally bizarre - Russia accounted for 163 votes. 

Prominent Leavers are singularly prone to the distribution of misinformation - it played a big part in the original Leave referendum campaign (the illegal one) and persists in the debate today to destroy trust and ramp up divisions. That is a real danger to democracy.