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Comments on "Planning application to develop a quarry on the edge of Ottery goes live"

1. At 09:19 am on 10th Mar Dan Diggery wrote:

200 lorry movements a day along the proposed route have been tested? – Maybe simulated but not tested unless I am missing something. They have run 200 ladened lorries a day? – when did they do this? I am prepared to be corrected.

Some simple flaws in the plan are – the run on to the A30 at Daisy Mount is too short for a car let alone a ladened lorry into 70 mph flowing traffic.

And what impact will it have at the Junction onto the M5 – the right-hand slip onto the motorway is short and it is already congested at the best of times.

Just two simple flaws in my opinion.

2. At 10:17 am on 12th Mar Paul Beauchamp wrote:

A large section of the boundary runs adjacent to the A30. If the application is accepted, as I fear it eventually will be, I think, as part of the bargaining process they should be made to change the entry and exit points as a slip road onto the A30. At least that would get rid of the traffic issue away from the narrow stretch of road between Daisymount and Ottery St Mary, and transfer it to a road that can better cope with such vehicles.

3. At 11:26 am on 12th Mar Susan Wollen wrote:

I am objecting for no other reason other than the fact I am fed up with all the destruction of our countryside and animal habitat.I should have thought that if dormice are here that should be enough to say No.I have to past the terrible blot that is Cranbrook,we need no more destruction!!!

4. At 01:40 pm on 14th Mar Susan F McCarthy wrote:

The Exeter Road is already dangerous with its hidden dips and rises and the potential for accidents will doubtless be multiplied.  It is not and never was built to accommodate the increase in the type of traffic that is being proposed.  Ottery is already being ‘built over’ despite strenuous objections and I cannot see how ruining this area will benefit anyone except those that plan to make money from it.  It appears that this aggregate is not needed as there are still other quarries that have the same type of gravel in excess and therefore this is a gratituous application.

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