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Comments on "Devon tories dismiss planning framework motion"

1. At 09:43 pm on 15th Nov Sandra Semple wrote:

None so blind as those who will not see, none so deaf as those who will not hear ....

2. At 06:59 pm on 16th Nov Malcolm wrote:

Having watched Wednesday’s live webcast I was very impressed by the contribution made by Claire, setting out the concerns very effectively at a local level, and encouraged by the supportive comments from two LibDem councillors.

Quite predictably, the issue was kicked into touch by the Conservatives with an undertaking to discuss concerns with Claire and Cllr Julian Brazil outside of the meeting.

I was disgusted that the Labour spokesperson was completely against the proposal, based simplistically upon the fact that there was a national shortage of houses and thousands on the waiting list for social housing in Exeter – she supported building houses anywhere and everywhere regardless of local need or capacity or environmental issues.  How does building hundreds of houses at Feniton (and thousands in other towns in East Devon) help people who work and want to live in Exeter – I thought Cranbrook was intended, in part,  to alleviate the shortage in Exeter.

I would urge all residents in East Devon, particularly those in areas threatened by overdevelopment, to watch the webcast (on the DCC website) for themselves.
If I had been one of the hundreds of people who have loyally voted over the years for the Labour party in East Devon elections, I would be seriously reconsidering who I would vote for in future local elections.  The Conservative government wants to cover the countryside in concrete and local Labour councillors are completely complicit in letting this happen – I would support a candidate who is interested in my locality and in seeking a balance in what happens there.