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Comments on "Protect the NHS rally - this Saturday 3 February, 11am, Bedford Square, Exeter"

1. At 12:21 pm on 01th Feb Paul F wrote:

I know that this was a quick blog entry, but everyone needs to realise that the Accountable Care process currently being undertaken is actually PRIVATISATION OF THE NHS and is being done by stealth without debate or scrutiny.

Our MP, Hugo Swire, will of course stand on the sidelines and wring his hands and say how bad it is but do nothing to fight to stop this (because he never campaigns or votes against the government because it would scupper his chances of ever being a minister again - just why did his ex-boss fire him as soon as she became PM?).

According to current plans, the NHS in Devon will be gone by April (which is when they plan to move to ACOs).

People need to wake up and start to fight for the NHS if they want decent healthcare in the future!!