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Comments on "Are Seaton and Honiton Hospitals at risk?"

1. At 01:56 pm on 15th May Deirdre Hounsom wrote:

Well said Claire! It seems that the further you are away from London and the other large areas of population the more you get the rug pulled out from under your feet. It is a disastrous policy that will end up with only the people who can afford to be treated being seen.

2. At 04:27 pm on 15th May claire wright wrote:

CLARIFICATION:  Dr Simon Kerr, GP and chair of the Eastern Locality of New Devon CCG has said he was misinterpreted over this issue and that he isn’t aware of the detail of the Estates Strategy.

3. At 03:34 pm on 16th May Sandra Semple wrote:

Maybe these meetings could be recorded and/or broadcast to avoid “misinterpretation”.