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Comments on "Secretary of State for Health hints that community hospitals will no longer be closed and sold off"

1. At 09:06 pm on 03th Oct Roger Giles wrote:

Is this the same Matt Hancock who visited Ottery St Mary Hospital a week previously, and who told an officer to ask Ottery’s Devon County Councillor and Ottery residents to leave the hospital car park? Is this the same Matt Hancock who instructed his driver to go to the front of Ottery Hospital, then to the back of the hospital, then at speed with the blue light flashing to the front again to avoid Ottery’s Devon County Councillor and Ottery residents?  Is this the same Matt Hancock who would go to extraordinary lengths to avoid questions about the future of Ottery Hospital, which has had its in-patient beds and minor injuries service taken away?

2. At 10:01 am on 04th Oct Philip Algar wrote:

Before any apparently good news seems remotely   plausible, we must be given details of how the necessary staffing is to be achieved. EU staff may decide to work elsewhere and potential new nurses are financially penalised by the government who changed the rules. Over-stressed doctors are leaving in droves. Let’s recall that the excuse for stopping some services was lack of staff.  I also seem to recall that the provision of care in the home would only be initiated when the quality of service matched that which had been provided in the hospitals. when I asked where the staff were to undertake care in the home and in the hospital, I was given either no answer or rather poor quality PR speak.