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Comments on "Seven weeks on and several chasings later ... Lloyds Bank pull the shutters down"

1. At 11:18 am on 24th Jun Carol Tummon wrote:

I cannot believe the arrogance of this Chief Exec. The least you would expect for him to have done is to alert you to the closure notice and offer an opportunity to meet to discuss this measure they have taken. To not even acknowledge your contact is not only rude and disrespectful but down right obscene. Surely his ivory tower doesn’t mean this bank should lose respect for those customers including me. It is not always convenient to go to Honiton for banking. You’re right with what you stated in a previous post in that if you go somewhere else to do your banking that is where you’ll spend your money. Ottery has so many new housing projects and businesses and trying to attract more businesses without proper banking facilities is just ludicrous.

I do hope you keep fighting for us all, even those folk who don’t really recognise that Lloyds has issued a closure notice.

Thank you.