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Comments on "Swire retains East Devon but I increase my vote share from 24 to 36 per cent"

1. At 07:55 am on 09th Jun david mountain wrote:

Amazing campaign!

2. At 09:19 am on 09th Jun Deborah Piper wrote:

I’m so sad not to see you as our MP this morning, well done on your campaign - apparently Mr S turned up at our humble polling station yesterday, I wonder if he was a trifle worried! Let’s keep the momentum going :D

3. At 01:36 pm on 09th Jun Paul F wrote:

The tragedy of it is that neither the Labour or Liberal Democrat candidates were willing to step down and endorse Claire, but if they had (and if all their votes had gone to Claire) then she would have won and there would be one less Conservative MP.

I might add that the Lib Dem candidate (who doesn’t live in East Devon and who is not known in East Devon and who has no track record in East Devon) told me that it was Claire who was splitting the non-Tory vote and Claire who should step down - because two general elections ago the Lib Dems came second.

4. At 09:08 pm on 09th Jun Robert Crick wrote:

Dear Claire “Didn’t she do well?” they said, not referring to the next ex-Leader of the Tory Party. The Sidmouth Food Bank team this afternoon were unanimous in their admiration for you and their appreciation of your campaign. The streets were vibrant with hope and determination all day yesterday. The silent minority, driven by hate and fear, may have outnumbered us this time but please get ready for the next election - soon. Have a very good May Poll Dance with your team at Kennaway House on Saturday. You deserve a good party (not a Nasty Party).

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