Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has. Margaret Mead

Comments on "Today's decision is about clinging onto power. That's all"

1. At 01:06 pm on 11th Dec Paul F wrote:

Oh, if only…

If only that was the only contemptible thing about the Conservative Party…

But let us not forget…

* Secret agendas - like privatising the NHS

* Double-speak - like calling privatisation of education Academy Schools and pitching it as quality improvement

* Selling off the family silver - the IMF says we are the 2nd poorest government in the world - because the Tories have privatised everything that moves

* Destruction of democracy:

  - the Tories have killed off most of the quangos that helped the public hold politicians and government accountable - without accountability there is no transparency - without transparency there can be no informed decisions - without informed decisions there is no democracy.

  - stop press - Tory government has funded Scottish group to character assassinate Jeremy Corbyn and Labour

  - they have allowed those who hijacked the referendum (and hence hijacked democracy) by lying and cheating their way to victory), not only to get off Scot-Free but indeed to be “punished” with ministerial posts and then to compound their previous sins by being allowed to switch from the soft Brexit they campaigned for to an ultra-hard Brexit and to actively sabotage negotiations by vetoing any form of compromise

  - and circularly back to the start with secret agendas not declared in election manifestos - like NHS and education privatisation neither of which was mentioned in at least their last two manifestos.

But aside from all of that, there is nothing wrong at all with the Conservative Party!!