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Comments on "Tories block recording concerns over biggest ever planned health service cuts in Devon"

1. At 07:03 pm on 22th Sep Gillian Anne Newcombe wrote:

Why may I ask do we even have a Committee on this nature who it appears let down the electorate at every turn.Do any them ever ask the opinions of those on the receipt of NHS or Social Services Care. Do they ever ask the opinion or for the true nature on what is happening from those working on the front line. Or do they just listen to those in charge of budgets who it appears have no idea how to manage other than by cutting services. Start asking your workforce where savings could be made,before it is to late.

2. At 09:39 am on 23th Sep Jo Thomas wrote:

‘‘We don’t need the emotional language’’ !!!! Who votes for these people ? Emotions re hospitals & NHS are running very high. Let’s hope this terrible complacency amongst Tory councillors is shown up at the next election.

3. At 09:55 am on 23th Sep Paul F wrote:

No scrutiny committee should need reminding by the public about their remit to scrutinise. They should understand this role without any reminders. (And when they need the County Solicitor to remind them, what does that say?)

But in this case it is far worse.

A particular political party (in this case the Tory Party - but in other circumstances it could be another party) deliberately decides to ignore their scrutiny role AND to ignore the complaints by the public that they are failing to fulfil that role - and insteads votes against the needs and stated desires of the people who voted them in purely to prop up a failing government by their own party. Shame on them.

(And if they declare loudly that their party’s government is NOT failing, then ask them why they need to prop it up and stifle debate?)

4. At 06:05 pm on 23th Sep Chris Wakefield wrote:

Insufferable! The experience of those in opposition to a Tory administration (at any level) has little changed over the years. Harold Wilson summed it up in a conversation with journalists about the Labour party’s first crack at its clause 4 problem (1959), where he rehearses in a mock speech, his thoughts on what Gaitskell should have said to win the party round to abolition….

‘Comrades, in our deliberations on what this great party of ours must do next, let us never forget one undeniable fact: the Tories are a bunch of bastards. But as we consider the future of pubic ownership, let us not eave ourselves open to the slander and lies our opponents will throw at us, For never forget, comrades, that the Tories are a bunch of bastards. But do we really want the state to take over every corner sweet shop or petrol station? Of course we don’t, but that’s what the Tories will say about us, because the Tories are a bunch of bastards….’

Wilson became PM in 1964 and again in 1974.

5. At 09:56 am on 25th Sep Sandra Semple wrote:

So, basically, DCC Tories on the Adult and Social Care Scrutiny Committee voted not to scrutinise.  AND East Devon Tories voted not to scrutinise their Leader for refusing their insteuction to scrutinise.  Says it all really.  They ALL voted to be impotent councillors.

6. At 02:31 pm on 27th Sep Di Fuller wrote:

Claire, once again you have provided those of us who could not be there with an amazing summary of the meeting. For most people interested in democratic practice and debate at all levels of politics, this is frustrating, but when this behaviour takes place at a committee that is supposed to scrutinise, then it beggars belief. The NEW Devon CCG Governing Body Board meeting tomorrow has the reports in its papers for all CCG and Hospital Trusts performance against targets - it makes worrying reading, not just for ambulance response times, but against most measures.

7. At 10:41 pm on 28th Sep Joan Kelly wrote:

The public get what they vote for. I rest my case.

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