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Comments on "Tories lose control of East Devon District Council in historic and spectacular Independent showing"

1. At 04:36 pm on 04th May Joan Kelly wrote:

It was a pretty low turn out in most Wards and many were protest votes against the Tory Government. People were saying they weren’t voting as there was nobody worth voting for. With such a low turnout I don’t see that the Indies have a true mandate. It will be interesting to see what happens if the European elections go ahead as most people are saying they will vote for the Brexit Party.
I can see the Council Tax going through the roof next year with some of the clowns who have been elected. People should have thought of that before they voted.

2. At 01:36 pm on 05th May Chris East wrote:

Well done the Independents.  Pity about votes going to the traitorous Lib Dems

3. At 08:31 am on 08th May Longman wrote:

@Joan Kelly
With respect you tell the truth about the vote being a protest against the Tories. It was - and long overdue they are incapable of representing local people, a national interest or globally. Expect to see them removed from all levels of government after years of self serving themselves and ignoring ordinary people.

And you mention council tax rises? Why do you say that? Council tax is spent on local services such as planning, transport, highways, police, fire, libraries, leisure and recreation, rubbish collection and disposal, environmental health and trading standards. Have you not noticed all of these services are under severe pressure through Tory cuts. I’m sure you use all these things and want them to continue to serve their communities. As to if Independents would just raise tax is not necessarily true. Central Givenment sets the level. But if it was to happen any improvement in our local services at that cost should be welcomed.
Regards Longman.