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Protest to kick off on Thursday over Devon’s looming shady accountable care system

Monday, 19 March 2018 0 Comments by Claire

Save Our Hospital Services (SOHS) Devon demonstrate their opposition to Devon County Council who are determined to quietly force through NHS England’s Integrated Care System (ICS) plans without Parliamentary Scrutiny, despite two judicial reviews and the neighbouring local council in Cornwall who have rejected the NHS England’s alternative to the unpopular Accountable
Care Systems and Accountable Care Organisations(ACOs) which were seen by health service campaigners as a further budgetary restriction on provision of a consistent level of access to all health service across Devon leading to a post code lottery on patient access to urgently needed medical operations.

The dangers of Accountable Care Organisations - in a nutshell

Sunday, 04 March 2018 0 Comments by Claire

Here it is in a nutshell. The dangers of Jeremy Hunt’s Americanised NHS - the Accountable Care Organisations… preceded by Accountable Care Systems, coming to Devon soon.

The sentence that jumps out at me is half way down the first column. “They will be legally not NHS organisations.”

The Tories and the local NHS continually parrot how innocuous they are and that it is just about joint working with health and social care. This is manifestly untrue.

This has huge implications for the NHS and for all those who rely on it.

Cllr Martin Shaw and I proposed at January’s Devon County Council Health and Adult Care Scrutiny Committee meeting that there should be a special meeting in March to examine the Devon Accountable Care System, due to be arriving soon.

So far there has been radio silence on the matter. Time for a follow up…

Interested in becoming an Independent councillor and live near London?

Friday, 02 March 2018 0 Comments by Claire

I realise London will be too far to go for local people but if there is anyone near London reading this, who is interested in becoming an Independent councillor, please do sign up for this event at the Local Government’s HQ in Westminster, on Tuesday (6 March starting at 6pm).

I will be giving a talk (as well as other established councillors) for around half an hour on how to run a successful election campaign. Here’s the link ...

Devon’s health service is aiming for financial balance by 2020 (from a projected £500m blackhole)

Monday, 26 February 2018 1 Comment by Claire

I was a bit surprised to see a statement in the latest newsletter of the Northern, Eastern and Western Devon Clinical Commissioning Group, relating to Devon’s collective health service aiming for financial balance in 2020.

At the last Health and Adult Care Scrutiny Committee meeting where councillors had a briefing on the Sustainable Transformation Plan (STP) - the programme of centralisation and cuts) there was little detail on how the local NHS organisations were going to tackle a projected £500m overspend by 2020,  Nor has there been any consultation, to my knowledge, except relating to the closure of community hospital beds in Eastern Devon, last year…..

The newsletter lists a stream of successes apparently achieved under the STP but no detail on how this vast sum of money is going to be clawed back.

In the meantime I have received an email from someone who is anxious that a family member may have to pay £3000 to be privately treated for varicose veins, as advised by a GP.

I have now asked for this specific issue to be included in March’s Health and Adult Scrutiny Committee’s agenda.

My animal welfare motion voted through unanimously… almost

Thursday, 15 February 2018 0 Comments by Claire

I’m REALLY happy to report that Devon County Council voted through my motion on animal welfare this afternoon, unanimously bar one….(an Ilfracombe-based Conservative councillor).

It means that a letter will now be sent to Secretary of State for the Environment, Michael Gove, urging him to incorporate into UK legislation, strong protections for animals, once we leave the EU.

Here’s the background ...…/hopes_high_that_devon_county…

Pic:  Molly.

£13m of Devon service cuts voted through as council tax rises by around five per cent

Thursday, 15 February 2018 1 Comment by Claire

AROUND £13m of service cuts were voted through this afternoon, as Devon County Council’s portion of council tax increased by around five per cent.

The Independents, LibDems and Labour Groups all made sensible coherent costed amendments, but were voted down by the Conservative group.

Over £155m worth of cuts have now been made to Devon County Council by central government, since austerity began in 2010. That’s around 80 per cent of the council’s core funding… gone….

Hopes high that Devon County Council will back my motion on providing proper protection for animals

Thursday, 15 February 2018 0 Comments by Claire

I am hoping that Devon County Council will back my motion, urging the Secretary of State for Environment to commit to providing proper and robust protection for animals under UK law, once this country leaves the European Union.

The motion will be debated at this afternoon’s full council meeting, guided by a recommendation from the cabinet, which advises to support it.

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